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        For many years now technological “progress” was limited to incremental advances in software and most of the brightest minds of the startup world spent their time developing apps to enhance daily experiences of the elite and never had much impact on the “real” world. We believe that it is time for technology to truly integrate itself to the world not only digitally but also physically. It is time for the hardware revolution to begin.

        Hardware development is definitely a hard process to navigate. Innovation cycles are long, the path to product is very capital intensive and success is a long way away at the beginning. However we believe that Hardware is ripe for disruption. We have infinite times more processing power at our disposal than what it took to take us to the moon, advanced microprocessors and sensors are plentiful and cheaper than ever before. Open source projects are enabling makers and innovators to work together from all over the world to help each other transform visions into products. It is time to act, to begin the journey of innovation. May lady luck be with us all.

– Robostate