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Something Cool is Brewing


Since the inception of our idea and our proof of concept in September last year, a lot has changed. Some aspects of the initial design went out the window, with the implementation of state-of-the art in every stage and after a lot of blood, sweat and tears it is safe to say that “Something Cool is Brewing” – finally. With a mission to create operator independent robots running on artificial intelligence focusing initially on aerial robots can be considered a safe bet, with all the hype surrounding UAVs today. It’s not a secret that the optimization of material specifications, energy capacity per unit weight in propulsion combined with the right sensors are the initial steps for an autonomous robot. However we see it as a necessary stepping stone to create fully integrated fleets of robots; aerial, aquatic and terrestrial.

Creating a swarm of robots has been an intriguing challenge within the scope of our ever-evolving vision. Although it’s been a long way since the revolution has started,we believe that swarms or teams of autonomous robots will soon replace most of the labour specific tasks such as visual inspection, monitoring, surveillance and countless others where a human’s  sensory system-may it be optical, olfactory or auditory- became either insufficient in terms of detection and diagnosing or completely obsolete in terms of cost-effectiveness and time.