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Autonomous Systems Consultancy and Integration

Many businesses may have already integrated drones and other mobile robotics systems to their workflow. We believe that the full potential of these systems can only be achieved through end-to-end autonomy, having minimum dependency on human operators. Robostate’s stellar team of experienced R&D, Software, Electronics and  Mechatronics Engineers chosen and assembled from the best robotics experts within Turkey is ready to transform the way you operate your drone/mobile robot fleet. Robostate’s Generic Autonomy Software integrates with most of the modern mobile robotics systems and is capable of transforming your human-operated UAV/UGVs into fully autonomous systems with ZERO human intervention.


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Unmanned systems are the next revolutionary tools to expand the limits of automation and robotization.

The state of the art mandates that any business who seeks to optimize their workflow should transform the way they operate.

This requires the transformation of certain processes from manual labour to unmanned systems.

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