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Asmag Interview

8 December 2017

Will lower price encourage the adoption of self-flying drones? Drones are all set to enter almost every industry in one form or another. However, many of the UAVs that are currently being used are human-operated, making them inefficient and inept. Some companies though, have come up with autonomous drones, offering self-flying UAVs that can identify the best flying routes and tailor assignments depending on the vertical. This, indeed, is the right way for the industry to go and cus[…] more

Something Cool is Brewing

14 September 2016

  Since the inception of our idea and our proof of concept in September last year, a lot has changed. Some aspects of the initial design went out the window, with the implementation of state-of-the art in every stage and after a lot of blood, sweat and tears it is safe to say that “Something Cool is Brewing” - finally. With a mission to create operator independent robots running on artificial intelligence focusing initially on aerial robots can be considered a safe bet, with all the hype surrounding UAVs today. It’s not a secret t[…] more


15 July 2016

        For many years now technological “progress” was limited to incremental advances in software and most of the brightest minds of the startup world spent their time developing apps to enhance daily experiences of the elite and never had much impact on the “real” world. We believe that it is time for technology to truly integrate itself to the world not only digitally but also physically. It is time for the hardware revolution to begin.         Hardwar[…] more